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About us

Founded in 2012, the company needed to coordinate and manage the family’s business system, which had been evolving since 1997 through the HAKUS trading company, which focuses on commodities and technology using agricultural primary production and processing of agricultural products. In 2008, the family became more closely connected with the production company MBB Technik, which it had accompanied since its establishment in 1995, and thus firmly connected this production company focused on tool production, production of molds and casting molds with its business system. In 2010, the family founded OOO MBB GROUP in the Russian Federation to support trade and international production cooperation between the European Union and the Euro-Asian Union.

Company philosophy

Based on the experience gained, we prefer high expertise in the preparation of strategic plans, economic analyzes, medium-term and annual plans. In long-term cooperation with banks and financial institutions, we have acquired the necessary habits for the required quality in performing economic analyzes, interdisciplinary analyzes and economic supervision.The high quality of analytical activities, analyzes, supervision and self-reflection of the family holding has been proven several times in its life over the last 18 years. For example, the group was able to eliminate the serious risks and impacts of the global financial crisis in 2008-2012, which hit the production part of the holding the hardest. The group was able to eliminate the effects of the extraordinary and historically unique surplus of hops in 2009-2012, which hit the group’s main commodity trading program with unprecedented force. Based on the above activities, the Group was then able to cope with the effects of the crisis of the WEST-RUSSIA relations in 2014-2017, which affected a significantly decisive territory of the holding’s operations. Not only were the risks eliminated, but on the contrary, we managed to create the conditions for further qualitative and quantitative growth of the group, up to a leap-fold multiple.

Our family primarily emphasizes the quality of human capital, especially its own employees, their expertise, professionalism and loyalty in the implementation of family business programs and strategic plans. We are a family where innovation and the search for non-traditional solutions is the engine that drives our traditional family a group of companies further and further and helps in finding the optimal ways to implement business and investment programs.

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