The company focuses mainly on


Support for the purchase and implementation of products on international markets produced with the help of SMART technology and smaller investment units supplied by Jan Stuna & Co, operated in-house with subsequent sale in cooperation with a local partner – agricultural producer.


Comprehensive organization of future investments in selected agricultural holdings in third countries 100% secured by ownership of agricultural land.


Provision of partial services related to the implementation of approved investments in selected localities, such as negotiating conditions with local partners, locally competent administrative authorities, preparing feasibility studies, business plans, pre-project and project documentation and providing engineering services during the investment project and obtaining all available local subsidies.


Ensuring production, economic, accounting, organizational, legal and business supervision in the field of investment in engineering production.


Ensuring production, economic, accounting, organizational, legal and business supervision in the field of investment in agricultural primary production and processing of agricultural commodities, suppliers of raw materials and materials.


Support and development of projects such as the supply of brewing micro and mini technologies to the countries of the Euro-Asian Union, Australia and Southeast Asia, under the brand “CZECH BEER” and the like.

Strategy – vision of the company

Obtain key information about the economic and financial situation in the given areas and business entities or in selected branches of production and processing activities for further development of future business and investment activities of our group, both in agricultural and industrial areas.

Sell selected SMART TECHNOLOGIES against deliveries of commodities produced on them, lease technologies with subsequent sale, operate them with local partners and thus gain a strong connection for HAKUS to the local raw material base under predefined price and business conditions.

Create long-term contractual relationships and gain stable access to raw materials, materials and products that can be further traded in international foreign trade and involve them as much as possible in the implementation of family business programs.

Invest primarily in the purchase, operation and subsequent sale of highly mobile SMART TECHNOLOGIES (container-type technology) connected to the main business programs of the group so that the maximum synergy effect of multi-stage value added creation in one business investment program is reflected.

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